Make managing your sports club easy

Clubforce Connect has everything you need to streamline your club's communications and make it easy for volunteers to organise different teams throughout your club all in one easy to use mobile app.

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Easily set up groups

Create groups for different teams, squads, and committees around your club.


Manage invites

Send out event invites and keep on top of who's coming as well as track attendance trends in-app.


Two-way messaging

Allow simple group and direct messaging in your club in a GDPR and safeguarding compliant method.


Share news posts

Post the latest news for your members to see within groups and across the whole club.


Easy group creation

Create groups for different teams, squads or any other combination of people around your club. Send an invitation code to anyone you want to join your group or simply select people straight from a list of members*.


Manage your events

Send event invites as push notifications and easily keep track of responses within the app so you know who's coming to the next match or training session.

Manage your events on Clubforce Connect

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Share the latest club news through the app with push notifications making sure everyone knows to check it out.


Easy messaging

Two-way and direct messaging designed to be GDPR and safeguarding compliant for all your groups.

Direct and two-way messaging
A platform you can trust

A platform you can trust

We handle all the secure storage of your data and payments on your behalf ensuring you can have peace of mind. We are certified to international standards (ISO27001) for information security meaning we are assessed for and maintain the highest standards and processes for data security.


Clubforce integration

The Clubforce Connect app is a key component of the Clubforce ecosystem providing an all-in-one management platform for your club featuring all the tools you need to manage members, fundraising, communications and your website.

Clubforce Integration